My first rodeo

Fall is synonymous with cyclocross. Back in D.C. I was lucky enough to enjoy a bounty of racing options every weekend from September to December. Organized by great folks like @cxhairs and @dcmtb and more. CX races have always felt like a party and the scene a family. It's always worth mentioning that races don't just fall into place. Cool shit happens because awesome organizers and volunteers expend countless hours in a labor of love. 

Turns out my new home in the Sacramento Valley is no different. I've been in Davis for about a month now and kept hearing, "Go race Rodeocross!" 

Unsanctioned cross in a rodeo arena where they spin punk records in the woods, beneath string lights with boozed-soaked fans on bone-dry trails?!?!?! #shutupandtakemymoney! Ok I could do without the bone-dry trails, but helllzz yess, this sounds like a cross race to me. 

And it was. 

I arrived with minutes to spare. No preride. No warmup. Enjoyed friendly competition.  Rode like an idiot, found new ways screw up basic turns each lap. Legs screamed. The foreign taste of anaerobic efforts filled my throat (I used to train for these things, might try that again sometime). Rowdy fans. Fast music and just general awesomeness. It was a grand time. 

Thanks to everyone involved with this event. Can't wait to race again and to get to know a new cross community. 

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