Give your movement momentum

Photo + Video to champion

food, wellness and social good 


Communities are full of individuals and groups doing amazing work.

BUT their stories don't often come to light.

Francis Tatem uses a photojournalistic approach to craft and document narratives that help individuals, organizations, and brands celebrate the rad movements they power.

People connect with photo and video content much more than other types of marketing. A focused strategy for visual communication can accelerate your efforts, grow your campaign, and help you reach your goals faster.


If you have a cause

You need your story told


Are you making an impression?




We work with Individuals and groups making an impression on the community — difference makers who love food, adventure, and care about other people and the planet.

Are you making things happen?

Stories told through photo and video show you in action


This site celebrates the inspiring work individuals and organizations are doing because, for folks to care they need to see what’s going on. 

When you pour yourself into your cause day after day, it can be frustrating when your message isn't reaching folks and resonating the way it could.  You need resources, support, and-- especially-- more exposure so people will pay attention.

Like so many making a difference out there, you need to share your story so people can be inspired and get involved. And you need a guide who can help craft your message in a way that will make others take notice.

Through visual communication, Francis Tatem showcases difference makers to demonstrate their mission and values being realized so people will connect with their passion and purpose.

With your story and accomplishments highlighted in this way, you'll feel pride and have a stronger connection with your followers, knowing that you've led the charge and built something meaningful.


Dr. Lisa on the Street

Dr. Lisa Fitzpatrick is a physician and public health specialist who's dedicated to promoting health literacy and demystifying the health care system. Through Dr. Lisa on the Street series she builds connections with real folks to address their questions and concerns regarding their personal health and the health of their communities. 


Muddy waters

Great Eskape took its name from graffiti painted on the pumping station nested in the Potomac River. A short ride from the city, but off the path enough to feel all its own.  Every other week Great Eskape team members ride out for a morning cup together.