FRancis tatem + GrApevine Health

Connect, Engage, and Educate with Visual Content

Visual content has the ability to share moments, experiences, and communicate information in a unique and powerful way.

I use my background as a photojournalist and marketing professional to create authentic content for organizations, that their audiences value and respect. I place special attention to the voice and agency of everyone involved in a project, especially those who graciously share their time and story on camera.  

- Francis Tatem 

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[Producer, Director, Shooter, and Editor]  Content from commercial and documentary projects 



Collaboration on research, writing, storyboard, location scouting, production scheduling, etc.   

$250 a day       



Solo Filmmaker (director of photography, camera, audio, lighting)

$1200 a day

Second camera operator + $500 a day


Digital asset management, editing, color correction, and channel-optimized publishing. 

  • 16 - 24 hours per 2 min video

  • $50 an hour

$1000 roughly per 2 min video

5x 2min videos

Pre - $1250                       

Film- $12,000  (10 days of filming)                      

Post  $5,000                        

+ expenses 

Iā€™m excited for an opportunity to tell the Grapevine Health story, educate your fans with engaging content, and grow your audience by providing valuable and trusted health information.

Francis Tatem 240-687-7276 jfrancist (at)