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Food education is mandatory in Japan, teaching everything from nutrition, to manners, and culture. Mayumi of @tftamerica brings this wisdom to DCPS students through Wa-Shokuiku classes. Students learn new skills, recipes to share with their parents and ways the can address issues like obesity and food insecurity. Whether filming in gardens or kitchens it’s always a pleasure to see how students come alive outside traditional classrooms.



A Baked Joint

Early to rise

A Baked Joint's, Jonathan Garber, enjoys the physicality of baking. There’s a tactile nature to the craft. It’s also a team effort, many hands are involved in the process, from mixing, to fermenting, proofing, shaping, scoring and more - all to transform raw ingredients to your plate each morning. The looming deadline of dawn is always on mind - "it's a game of Tetris with space and time" 


Eat with your eyes

Kushi Sushi Grill, sushi, and noodles in downtown Washington DC.     

Fractal Florets Romanesco from Dupont Circle Farmers Market


School Garden to Table

Everybody Cooks Rice. Students at Francis Stevens prepare rice dishes from around the world, many inspired by stories from Norah Dooley's book of the same name. Greens come from their garden on N street. In the Foodprints program students learn to plant, harvest, and cook their own food.


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